Banaav is a dynamic online portal for the construction industry. The portal facilitates business activities by empowering customers, vendors and companies to connect and get acquainted with one another.

Corporate governance

We believe in transparent business practices and are committed to protecting the interests of all the stakeholders. All business activities, strategic financial decisions, growth initiatives and changes in the management structure are disclosed to the investors through various channels of communication.


By consistently providing flawless services, our portal has garnered the appreciation of the entire construction industry.With a steady increase in the size of the business and enhanced visibility in the market thanks to the customer-centric strategy, the portal is emerging as a leader in the category and evolving into a promising option for investment.


    • Being accountable to all the investors
    • Setting ambitious goals and moving towards them with unwavering passion
    • Demonstrating honesty and integrity and strengthening the trust of all the stakeholders
    • Achieving our goals, reaching milestones and bringing smiles to our investors.

For investment-related enquiries

Please contact on +971 56 716 9844