Easy Industrial Lift – 2000

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1. Sema S2.0 is a modular lift with a capacity of 2000 kg, available in different generous sizes. The S2000 is our most versatile and powerful lift.

2. The lift is delivered in ready-made modules with everything you need for installation. Even the lift shaft is included!

3. The load capacity and certification for goods, make S2000 the perfect lift solution for heavy materials warehouses.

4. Sema S2000 is a very space-efficient goods lift. In fact, the lifting platform constitutes 85% of the total footprint.

5. Tough Floors. Aluminium checker plate is strong and resistant. The perfect floor choice for any cargo lift.

6. Sema's S2000 is machine room-less lift, and can be fixed without lift pit or with it depends on your requirments

7.Sema's Chain-driven system is robust, reliable and low-maintenance. 100% electric, no hydraulics.

8. S2000 takes 4 to 6 days to install in your place and 15-20 days to manufacture at our factory.

9. Sema Assembling Lifts provide 24/7 service across UAE

Mode No. - EU S2.0
Capacity : 2000kg
Brand : Bonfiglioli, Italy
Power rated : 6.0kw
Voltage : 240v
Speed : 1690rpm
Frequency : 50Hz
Brand : LSIS VFD
Power rated : 5.0kw
Phase : III
Code : SV022iG5A-4
Gear Box.
Type : C312PP90
Code : 2E11014841
Mount : B3
Chain type : Roller chain 12B 3T
Type. : Free stand.
Safety Specification.
1. Door lock (electric magnets)
2. Door sensor.
3. Platform with laser sensors.
4. Limit switches.
5. Rexsine sensors.
6. Counterweight sensors.
7. Emergency stop.
8. Anti fall safety device.
9. Overload lock.
Lifts major parts cover under 3 years warranty like motor, gear box, switches, VFD, chain system, drive shaft, sprocket, counter weight.

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