Road headers

Road headers

Do you want to hire a full line of rock cutting solutions? From roadheaders to diamond & carbide saw attachments? Then Construction Souq offers all the necessary equipment to solve your rock or concrete project. We are one of the world-renowned equipment rental Dubai for concrete and rock cutting products. All industry specialist and Contractors mostly rely on our quality and the durability of our products. We are experts in providing the best quality service of our clients, and also we offer an affordable price in the market. If you are interested in renting our equipment, Contact us to order the products.

Construction Souq offers welding machines for rent for heavy duty uses in an array of sectors, including construction, manufacturing and oil & gas in UAE. Construction Souq equipment rental Dubai has a wide range of welding machines which are of the most trustworthy brands for most of the industries.

Tunneling - Road headers

Roadheaders in the weight class of 13 – 80 tons operating weight is offered by Construction Souqs exclusively. These are specially designed to excavate tunnels, roadways, and chambers continuously without using explosive. Our construction equipment rental Dubai provides cutter heads that are customized for each client to fulfill the requirement of each project including mineral mining, coal mining and underground construction projects. These electro-hydraulic powered machines provide interchangeable cutter heads both transverse and inline and emit no fumes. The ability of these machines to excavate the desired profile without producing destructive vibrations is most required for both environmental and safety reasons.

Roadheaders offer exclusive cutting performance in a wide range of rock formations. They are also potentially used for other soft rock minerals and mining coal. Rehabilitation of existing tunnels and excavation of underground caverns can also be done using roadheaders. These are flexible machines which are used to excavate road tunnels, subway tunnels, water tunnels, and railway tunnels without using explosives.

This Powered electro-hydraulically are mainly used in urban areas, which makes them suitable for underground construction projects as they emit no fumes. Our roadheaders are specialized with an automatic sequence control system, state-of-the-art profile control, and online data processing. For mounting on excavators, the roadheaders include a separate multi-purpose hydraulic cutting head.

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What are the key features included by the equipment rental Dubai?

  • It is developed for robust tunneling boring solutions which are proven for its reliability and strength.
  • Construction Souqs Roadheader Tunnel Boring Machine is a shield type machine that is specifically designed to deal with a wide range of harder ground conditions.
  • Roadheaders, which is the best affordable alternative to ‘drill and fire’ techniques, for excavation of soft rocks, which are adaptable to a vast number of spoils.
  • Sizes are ranging from 1500 mm and upward for man entry operation.
  • Hydraulically driven belt conveyor is used for removing muck, and hydraulic rams are used for steering.
  • With a wide range of sizes, the machine components are interchangeable. These Roadheaders are powered by surface mounted power pack and also alternatively shielded by the mounted power pack.

Accessories and Features offered:

  1. Low height design
  2. Vibrations
  3. Transversal cutting head/longitudinal cutting head
  4. Flameproof electrics
  5. Low ground pressure
  6. Cooling system
  7. Water mist spray system