Tunnelling equipment

Tunnelling equipment

Are you in need of hiring tunneling equipment in UAE, no matter if its short or long term? If your answer is yes, then Construction Souq is here to assist you for all your material handling equipment requirements.

Construction Souq is a highly reputed organization that is large enough to fulfill all your requirements. We are experts in the best quality forklift rental Dubai equipment lease across the UAE. Purchasing and maintaining the heavy equipment and machinery are more costly and complicated which involves a lot of hassle process. At Construction Souq, we offer an exclusive and market competitive tunneling equipment machines rental services to suit your best needs.

We are the best on offering an exclusive forklift rental operating in UAE. We also offer excellent material and all available in one stop. Our customers are distributed across several sectors of business from oil industries to the construction field. We provide the best customer service and take care of all their needs, and this is the main reason why we are the top rates forklift rental Dubai.

We have been work in this field for more than a decade now by providing materials handling solutions to businesses. With such good years of experience, we can clearly understand all the expectations of the clients in a short duration.

Our service in UAE offers the best solution to all business and industries such as oil and gas, construction because these businesses require heavy equipment. In this competitive market world, it is very much difficult for contractors to buy machinery. If you are planning to rent tunneling equipment, then we are here to help you.

You can hire a tunneling equipment machines from Construction SOUQ which suits your industrial needs. We provide you with a tunneling machine with the best safety measures which support you in all your welding works.

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Rent Efficient Tunneling Equipment For Efficient Job Progress

Forklifting equipment comes with a laser-guided system, extremely accurate, remote controlled pipes in varied soil conditions such as sand and silts or flowing soft ground, below the water table or in very wet soil. The gravity flow pipeline project which needs precise line and grade in poor soil conditions install Tunneling equipment.

Each system contains a pipe specific Microtunnelling Machine, guidance system programme, control container to regulate and monitor all functions of the system power pack, jacking frame, and circulation components.

All the equipment units are been approved with Load Test Certificates and undergone with required statutory and regulatory compliance. Our staff members are experienced with safety trained operators.


Why prefer Construction Souq for renting tunneling equipment machines?

  • We provide the latest machinery to our clients.
  • We offer the best reliability and optimal performance for our customers.
  • We have a team of highly skilled and trained engineers.
  • We provide you complete assistance professionally and guide you in selecting the equipment which suits best for your industrial needs.

If you are scrolling down for a reputed and trustworthy company of heavy equipment rental in UAE, then we are the perfect choice for the one you’re looking.