hoists & trolleys

hoists & trolleys

Hoists and trolleys

ConstructionSouq offers an incredible range of hoists trolley equipment, jacking equipment, pulling equipment, access and material handling equipment, safety equipment, and load measurement equipment. We can show an increasing list of equipment types that we provide for rent.

We have a wide range of trolleys, Red Rooster Lifting standard air hoists and low headroom units available for rent ranging from 250 kg to 50 tonnes. With the main emergency stop, we can supply cord control units or pendant control.

We also have several chains available to provide up to a 100m height of lift on the smaller models and 50-tonne hoists and 50m on the 35 tonnes, even for any special orders we can also custom longer heights of lift. At present, we work with over 400 hoists fitted with the safety features required such as emergency stops, upper and lower limits, and load limiters. Construction Souq also chains collectors for many heights of lift, hose support brackets, air pigs, and air hoses. ConstructionSouq has a reliable partnership with heavy equipment’s companies who can supply all kinds of hoists trolleys system to meet all your needs.

Air trolleys

We have a wide range of trolleys that can be hired to suit capacities from 250 kg to 50 tonnes that can fit a huge range of beam sizes and can be either standard or ATEX units with different speed. We are popular in supplying low headroom trolleys.

We can provide everything according to your project requirements from our stock of over 400 hoists, load cells, winches, and other lifting solutions. A huge part of our hoists trolleys systems for rent is between 10 tonnes to 50 tonnes.

Electric Chain Hoists Rental

The heavy-duty electric chain hoists are developed to do all materials handling operations The single fall of the chain ensures maximum safety, durability, efficiency, economy, and obtains maximum lift for the motor rating. LGH also provides electric chain hoists, which is up to 10 ton capacity with electrical power travel, that makes the job easier, with cost-effective, and more than all, it is safety guaranteed.

Air Chain Hoists Rental

Air chain hoists are built with simple electronic controls which can be used in almost all environment and most of the lift up to 50 times their weight. Lifting Gear Hire has in stock a huge variety of leading heavy equipment’s companies, updated version in construction and developed for maximum strength to weight ratio. The air hoist motor is less sensitive to adverse working conditions, which is an additional advantage.

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Features of Hoisting equipment

  • Capacity from 0.5 to 50 ton
  • Continuous use at maximum output
  • Immediate availability
  • Numerous lift heights possible
  • LGH Guaranteed of Safety
  • LGH certificate supplied

Check List

  1. What capacity do you need?
  2. Do you seek for a push trolley or a beam clamp?
  3. Do you require a power travel trolley?
  4. What voltage do you require, 115V, 230V, 460V?
  5. What height of lift do you need?
  6. Will any slings or shackles be required?
  7. What length of pendant do you require?
  8. Will the test certificate be needed on site?
  9. Will other equipment be needed to speed up the job?