vibrating plate compactors.

vibrating plate compactors.

A plate compactor is designed with a base plate which usually vibrates to give an even ground. This type of plate compactor is a perfect choice to sand and gravel. It has potential use in soil that has coarse particles, as this vibration causes the soil to move into a stable formation. If the job is going to take place in a confined area, they have effective usage. For maintaining the asphalt or for curb edgings, the Plates that move in one direction can be used.

These plates are mainly utilized for curbs, around tanks, gutters, forms, footings, guard railings, drainage ditches, gas and sewer works, and building construction. Annually, Construction Souq supplies more than a million engines for industrial, agricultural, construction and recreation applications, and also our industry leadership is well established.

These plate compactors give extended safe usage, without compromising productivity or performance. Most of these plates maintain productivity without exposing operators to excessive harmful vibrations, for compaction of sub-bases, soil, and asphalt.

Few advantages of a plate compactor:

  1. Very less hand-arm vibration levels without additional weight
  2. Mass plate anti-vibration system with Double mounted.
  3. Total engine protection frame
  4. Manufacturer bringing LOW HAVs plate compactors to a price competitive with standard machines and Cost-effective design.
  5. Optional paving mat and transport wheels available
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Vibrating Plate Compactor Rentals:

Are you doing some paving around the patio or tynong toppings driveway or putting in a new crushed rock path? Then you can reach out to Construction Souq, and we have a vibrating plate which makes any paving job done that is long-lasting and extremely professional. The vibrating plate compactor available with us for hiring is well suited for any paving job.

We have a wide range of light and medium-weight reversible vibratory plates that's covers a broad scope of compaction applications more economically, quickly and successfully. High agility tanks feature all models to stepless hydraulic forward and reverse drive, secure handling, which includes point vibration, and by functional design. Petrol engines and Powerful diesel round off the profile.

Even on problematic and complex areas in confined areas or on challenging material, these machines are well handled, agile, and are easy to use. The high-performance compactors APH 5030, 6530, 100-20 makes it a most powerful in their class with operational weights from 400 kg to 730 kg and working widths from 45 to 95 cm.  Extraordinary properties make it suitable for surface work and trench. By increasing the working speed, some above-average area results are also done on block paving tanks.

Why Construction Souq?

Construction Souq is a one-stop online market for all your business requirements which gives priority importance to customer service. Specialist and highly skilled professional service managers are here to assist you by understanding the client requirements for each application and propose a unique solution for each requirement. Qualified Technical personnel will manage and supervise and the renting process through the maintenance, running time, installation, and completion. Construction Souq is more reliable and will be able to satisfy all your construction project needs.