Construction Souq is one of the leading companies that has been specialized in renting a huge range of earth rammers. We are expertise in this business with years of experience and know all your project requirements. We have complete knowledge about the requirements and market trends which keep on changing time to time. For maintaining with construction challenges, companies that are working on projects of infrastructure require optimum quality of materials, expert workforce, and importantly, the machinery. Moreover, most potential needs these days are variable due to rapid changes in the environment, which forces people to maximizes efficiency and minimize wastage.

We have specific points to keep in mind for the daily use of future problems and infrastructure, and required measures have to be taken in order to reach the appropriate flow of the project. Construction Souq keeps their client’s satisfaction on priority by providing high-efficiency rammers for compaction plate compactor in Dubai, with our excellent quality equipment. Moreover, our earth rammers offer an attractive package in terms of strength, quality, and efficiency.

Get the highest quality and a wide range of earth rammers at Construction Souq. We also offer project-based custom service in order to keep the project running in an exact manner for maximum productivity and minimum wastage. Get unique plate compactors for rent from Construction Souq.

Brand New Wacker Neuson Plate compactors are mainly used for construction projects which includes, horticulture, compacting stones and landscaping which is able to provide a compact design with complete portability and mobility. They prove to be perfect in regular maintenance of paths, roads, and parking lots. Stone glider rubber sheets prove to be more beneficial, in case of interlocking applications. In addition, it also provides some extra safety features with heatproof wheels, which helps to withstand hot asphalt and cumbersome curbs.

Construction Souq is a specialist of whatever they intend to offer. The vast experience of several years in their respective industry, they are popular in providing the first quality equipment and project custom services throughout Dubai.

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Efficient Earth Rammers for your job

These earth rammers are utilized for granular materials, light-duty compaction of soils, asphalt and paving work suitable for confined access sites and smaller areas.

They also provide complete flexibility and mobility to the workforce and make it possible for the labor to work efficiently. They are commonly used for stones, horticulture, compacting paving and landscaping, and the maintenance of paths, parking lots and roads. Construction Souq provides great agility and built with a compact design that makes these vibratory plates to be the right choice for continuous use by professionals when trenches, compacting sidewalks, and other confined ground spaces.

Here are some of the main features:

  • Integrated and extremely robust wheelset,
  • Long service life even with the complex jobs,
  • Handle shock mount etc.

With the additional feature, it also comes with a diesel engine with flawless and powerful working ability and an automatic locking mechanism.