Introduction is a dynamic online portal for the construction industry. The portal facilitates business activities by empowering customers, vendors and companies to connect and be acquainted with one another. For customers, the process of procurement has long been a tedious painstaking process. Due to lack of an efficient mechanism for reaching out to the customers and vendors, companies face many challenges and struggle to increase their revenues and take their business to next level. Having understood the pain points of the players from all sides of the construction sector, we have positioned our portal as a dynamic marketplace to provide 360-degree solutions for the industry.


By empowering customers, vendors and companies based not only in the cities but also in every nook and cranny of our region to come together, connect, construct and grow, we are going to dissolve the long-held myth that construction is a costly affair. We will bring the entire industry under one roof and make construction a cost-effective endeavor.


We envision an ever-active hub for the entire construction community. A level playing field bustling with activities. Where everyone will get acquainted with million others and grow together.


Facilitating business activities, procurements, sales, contracts and project acquisitions. Providing an efficient platform for companies to promote their products and services.


By bringing the entire construction community under one roof, has been emerging as the one-stop destination for all types of construction needs. The portal has paved the way for numerous small-scale and large-scale procurements. A significant number of projects have been acquired through the portal. The portal has earned the appreciation of customers and vendors and has been gaining traction and soon will emerge as the preferred choice for the entire construction community.


Our goals are ambitious yet realistic.

We have been moving towards the ambitious goal of bringing one-fourth of the construction community in the UAE to our online portal in the next few years.