Construction Souq is UAE’s leading company for construction materials and suppliers. We have a good network of manufacturer supplying quality pavers, concrete bricks, retaining walls, blocks, erosion control products, and reconstituted stone veneers from several sites throughout Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
We can help you find suppliers who stock a wide range of pavers, retaining walls, and stone to match any project.
Explore pavers such as clay, masonry, porcelain, travertine, bluestone, and wet cast, and many more.
Also check out the varied paving size, style, and finish to match any application. You can also find a variety of the top-rated grohe dealer in Dubai who ensures to meet all the building requirements.
Browse over hundreds of pavers manufacturers and suppliers or visit the display models to choose the right paving solution for your building parts such as pathway, driveway, outdoor or entertaining indoor areas, balcony, patio, pool or spa surrounds.
Manufacturers stock a vast range of stone cladding in both human made and natural stone that looks appealing and real. From stacked stone, dry-stacked, and ledge stone in texture, color, and size to match any application. At ConstructionSouq, we keep up to date with the recent trends so you can pick the shape, color, texture, size of ‘face,’ heights, and finish that match your project.
Irrespective of your budget, you can get the top-rated quality and design, our professional and experienced team are always here to assist with your project.

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Common Types Of Pavers

There are several types of pavers where each model looks unique and complement your building look. Some common types of pavers are:
Clay Pavers
Wet cast pavers
Porcelain pavers
Pavers for the future
Natural Stone Pavers

Pavers For Durability

From paving to water features, you can find all the premium stone materials that are designed to age slowly. You also find unique materials with the particular color you use is all through the stone mix, rather than like some materials which have color on the surface of the mix only.

The natural stone pavers are strong and durable. They also resist staining and requires low-maintenance. They can be easily cleaned with water and detergent, and adjust quickly to the underlying movement of the earth than poured-in-place concrete. In case if the paver stone is stained or damaged, it can be easily replaced without much effort. Another attractive feature is its slip-resistant and skid resistant characteristics. They are an excellent choice for wet areas, as well as driveways and walkways. You can expect top-quality clay pavers to stand firm and look appealing for decades.

We are also home to a range of suppliers who can produce natural stone materials to compliment your landscaping construction projects. UAE’s manufacturers offer extensive assortments of stone garden products such as letterboxes, pots, ponds, fountains, and planters.

In addition to finding the right supplier with an extensive collection of quality concrete and landscaping products, there are much more valuable benefits in working with construction Souq including;
Access to our Contracting Services Team
All manufacturers and products are verified for quality
Assistance from experienced in-house professionals who can offer design solutions and technical advice for residential, commercial and industrial projects
Assistance from dedicated architectural and engineering consultants