Burnt clay brick

Burnt clay brick

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Burnt Clay Bricks In Construction

Clay bricks in Abu-Dhabi are perfect for high-quality restoration, building construction, conservation, and renovation work. Clay Bricks and burnt clay bricks are well-known for educational, commercial, and residential construction works. Burnt clay bricks are ancient building material, and the color of these bricks looks natural. This type of brick is found in several ancient structures of the world. In appearance, these burnt clay bricks are in a reddish color and solid blocks of hardened clay.

Most of the burnt clay bricks are the most popularly used and oldest construction material. You can find these brick types in constructing several structural members like foundation, masonry walls, columns, etc.
Bricks should be machine or hand-molded and made of a blend of suitable soils. There are certain factors to be noticed before choosing the bricks: Blocks should be uniformly burnt Free from cracks and flaws No black coring, nodules of stone, and organic matter.

Why Burnt Clay Bricks Are Best For Construction?

Clay bricks in Abu-Dhabi have excellent resistance to insects, moisture, and erosion. Additionally, it tends to create a pleasant room environment and is available at a moderate cost. They possess medium-to-high compressive strength.
We can help you to find suppliers who create burnt-clay bricks with various methods. Blocks can be produced with sophisticated factory methods, a range of mechanized technologies, or simple labor-intensive processes. Among the three, the labor-intensive production is the most suitable for the residential development where there is no much demand for the clay bricks. Because the handmade bricks will have relatively less quality, compressive strength, and have variable dimensions. However,they are a less expensive option and require minimal investment and transportation cost. The longevity of the building is based on the brick quality and the ingredients used.

Brick Making

Clay bricks in Abu-Dhabi is made up of four key ingredients, suitable clay and sand, fuel, water, and the workforce. The texture of the brick products ranges from the wire-cut, smooth face, rockface, sandblast, cobble, to handmade. The color also varies from golden cream, super red, golden sand, golden peach, golden brown, dark brown, brown, granite, lavender to many other blends and tones.